Tuesday, November 2, 2010


So uh...its ah...been a while... I'm alive I swear. And I'm enjoying myself here. The past few weeks have been mostly the same. The semester is about half way through. And while i don't have midterms, I do have a series of papers and projects i've been working on.  I've had a few, 'wait, that's due WHEN?!?!' moments.

I've been doing work and going to class and carving out time to spend with my friends and time for myself. Its an interesting balancing act, but I like to think I've gotten rather good at it.

So what have I really been up to since the last post you ask? Well, I did go to Connemara as i was telling you about last time. Wow that feels so long ago...don't kill me...

Connemarra was beautiful. There was a bit more hiking then I would have liked, but (and you'll never hear me say this again) the views were worth it. I did have one moment when the guide pointed out an easier path and said 'we could have taken that path...its easier, but its not as much FUN!' I didn't kill him, I promise :)

I've seen three castles since we've talked. There was the one in Connemara that I can't remember the name of...I'll look it up if I have time. Then there was Maynooth, link here, and pictures here. And then there was my favorite, Trim. Now that was an amazing adventure despite the almost torential down pour and standing at the bus stops wondering if i'd ever feel warm and dry again. So totally worth it though. :D

Thursday afternoon I leave for italy. Rome to be more specific. I'm looking forward to it. More importantly, I'm meeting my mum and grandma there. I'm really hoping to get to florence while we're there. I'll have to go back for venice another time.

*Retroactively posted...don't kill me?

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