About Me

I love songs that make you want to dance and sing along.
I love weather that makes me feel alive.
I love light rain, cool spring days and snow flurries.
I love that feeling you get before you leave the house when you think, "Today will be wonderful."
I love chunky ice cream with peanut butter, caramel or cookie dough and a good movie.
I love when a non-plan comes together.
I love chick flicks, romance novels and my Kindle.
I love making food for people as long as I'm not hungry too.
I love making people think or smile or laugh.
I love those moments when I can be me without fear.
I love that feeling you get when everything finally goes right.
I love happy/sappy memories and songs you can sway to.
I love random pieces of song lyrics that get stuck in my head.
I love singing those pieces over and over again, out of tune and off key.
I love random quotes that make me smile and laugh even though no one else gets them.
I love medium sized words and the dichotomy of who I am vs. who people see me as.
And most important of all: I love being me.