Things I miss from home:

  1. my family
  2. my cats
  3. my friends (sorry the cats come first cause they're there after a fight with friends), yes co-workers are included here
  4. double stuffed golden oreos
  5. grits
  6. decent tequila that isn't over priced and margaritas
  7. pumpkin pie
  8. being able to plug something into an outlet without a converter and surge protector
  9. being able to text my friends when i think of something randomly
  10. homemade bread
  11. john (he's been temporarily replaced by jack, so we'll see what happens)
  12. my cats 
  13. pina coladas
  14. girls nights
  15. not having to leave the building to do laundry
  16. thanksgiving
  17. tequila (they're big on vodka here)