Sunday, September 26, 2010

Yes, I'll have a....

Friday was Culture Night. Find info here. Basically the city's art galleries and museums and such were open late, and open for free. As a student on a budget, it wasn't something I could pass up easily. I wandered around the city for four hours. I saw several live musical performances and wandered into a few museums and learning centers, such as the Dublinia and the Dublin Castle. I should have gotten a pin, but they were a euro apiece, and I needed it for bus fare home. :(

Pictures can be found by clicking the thumbnail below. I walked around for four hours, there's more pictures than I have the patience right now to post individually. There are some pictures that have previously been posted here, and it is where I will post picture publicly in the future. Bookmark it or the blog or make a note, or just come back here for the link if you're interested.


There's comments for the pictures only on Facebook (which only has some of the better ones) currently, but I will get around to putting them up on Picasa, just give me time. 

For those of you who have been hassling me, I did finally go to a pub last night. No, I was not hungover smartass. I'm totally fine. I took a page out of my great grandfather's book and enjoyed a few gin and tonics. Ya know, for the malaria and all that ;)

I've added a few pages to the blog which I will update throughout my time here. As of right now, there's a Things I miss from home, Things I've learned (in addition to a previous post), and a Girls Night page.
There are permanent links to the pages to the right near the top of the page ------------>

That's all for now folks, I have a s*** ton of reading to do for tomorrow, I just wanted ya'll to know I was still alive and what not. :)

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