Thursday, September 16, 2010

I've survived the first week of classes!

Classes started Monday, yes it seems late to me too. Especially since I still get home in time for Christmas. Not that I'm complaining.

My schedule was finalized this afternoon. What am I taking? Well, since you asked lol. 
  1. Pagan Celts
  2. Introduction to Folklore
  3. Ireland Uncovered (standard study abroad course)
  4. The Archeaology of the Irish Medieval Castle
You're jealous. Don't deny it, I know you are. I'd be too. They just sound cool don't they! I mean, a WHOLE CLASS on CASTLES! Lol. I haven't been this excited about ALL of the classes I registered for in...ever. Don't get me wrong, there have absolutely been classes that I was excited about, but I've always tried to balance them with the ones I knew were going to suck (like science classes, no offense to the science lovers, they're just not my thing) so I could still enjoy my semester.

Here's what my schedule looks like: 

Wondering why Friday isn't on here? I don't have class  It just keeps getting better and better doesn't it? :)

So its been a few days since classes started, and you want to know what its like right?  Well...not that much different really. I mean they're half an hour shorter time wise than at home which makes it a lot easier to focus on them surprisingly. They're interesting too, or at least they are to me. 

I've noticed a few things that are different though. We're given a reading list so rather than a list of books to buy so thats a bit confusing really. And they don't tell you what to read or by when. I don't even know which ones are really important and which ones will be used for background reading.  There's no real syllabus for the classes. We're supposed to get a 'handbook' for the classes. I don't really know what that means though.  Its got me a little worried, but I'm sure I'll figure it out eventually.

 Tell me what's going on at home. I feel like a petulant kid wanting to know what's happening. Updates people! I want updates!


  1. Why in the world do you want to know about home when you've got all of this coolness swirling around you? It's raining in Jersey. Nothing else to report!

  2. I don't want to be one of those people who goes away and finds out when they come home that they have no idea what happened. I don't want to come home with the image that time stood still at home when I know it didn't. And if I start pestering people early I'll manage to squeeze a few details out of people by the time I come home. lol

  3. So, it rained like mad yesterday. Margaret and I had practice in the rain, and it was fun. I went to lab this morning and I have to go back in an hour and half. Uhhh..... I am not going to boston and that makes me :(

    Mani is coming over to study orgo with moi in like 20 :)

    That's all for today!

    and I wanna take intro to folklore :(
    and the not having a syllabus thing is FREAKY. so're just supposed to read ALL the books? maybe he mentions in class what book you should be reading. And whats the difference between a reading list and a list of books we're supposed to buy?

  4. why aren't you going to boston? why were you going in the first place? i heard about the rain everyone seems very impressed by it. lol

    the difference is the reading list has over 20 books for some classes. they don't differentiate between recommended, required and background.

  5. gah fb is so good with these notifications.
    I was going to bton to visit some friends who went to college up there.
    yeah the rain was AWESOMEEEEE.

    reading list = terrifying sounding..., 20 books for ONE CLASS? gee how are you gonna bring all that home??

  6. i'm sorry you didnt get to go see your friends. that really sucks. hey, i still love the rain despite the challenge it poses from time to time lol

    yeah the reading list is a bit scary, but i'm working with it. i'm just waiting for it to bite my hand or something :/