Saturday, September 11, 2010

Things I've learned...

So it's just after midnight here in Dublin, but I thought it might be time to check in. Between yesterday and today I've been into the City Centre twice. Both time yielded some interesting results. I've learned some strange and not so strange things in the last 48 hours and have the urge to share them. Enjoy :)

Things I've learned in the last two days:

  1. I don't think I can find Grits here in Dublin
  2. I keep writing/typing "her" instead of "here" and I don't know why. I at least understand why I want to write "befor" instead of "before" we don't really need that second 'e' right? It's just a nuisance after all lol
  3. I learned how to sleep with a stuffed toy when I started college. I had hopes to break myself of the habit...turns out it didn't work. I keep reaching for my John bear in the middle of the night only to smack my hand against the wall. Meet my new bear. Any ideas on what I should call him?
  4. The specially designed blister band aids really do make a difference when it comes to wearing the same blister inducing shoes three days in a row. (I don't know why they gave me blisters but they did.)
  5. I don't have to live in Jersey or even be in Jersey to find a sweatshirt with the words "New Jersey" prominently displayed. No really. I found one here in Dublin.
  6. Exploring a city is better done on your own or with someone who thinks like you. Shopping is also best done in a similar manner.
  7. Stamps here cost 0.82 euros for an international post card. 
  8. I'm not sure if I can find Q-tips or not...(hint hint mommy).
  9. Picking a body wash or shampoo when you're really really tired does not mean that you'll like it when it's finally time to shower.
  10. Said body wash may have smelled nice when picking it out way back when you were sober....but that doesn't mean it still smells nice when you're drunk/tipsy/what ever the hell I was last night.
  11. Drinking half a bottle of wine is not the best idea while trying to write out post cards (the first batch will be in the post by Monday night. I don't know how long they'll take to get there. I probably still have to write yours, be patient).
  12. I've still never been hung over despite being drunk/tipsy/whatever the hell I was last night (pauses to knock on wood).
  13. Calling home makes me feel better, reinforcing my love of google products. (Calling from google/gmail chat/voice is free from Ireland to the US. GO ME!)
  14. Drunk/tipsy/whatever the hell I was last night or sober, the bed here is soooooo not comfortable. I've slept on tables that are more comfortable. 
  15. You can buy push pins at a card store
  16. In a pinch, a boot makes a decent door stop.
  17. I want fuzzy slippers for the cold floors. They have been added to my list of things to find. 
  18. My mother will always think Ireland is colder than it really is. It's in the 60s ma, I don't need to wear a Northface jacket, I just need a light sweater ;)
  19. I still love her despite it.
  20. It very well might be possible for me to go to sleep before 1am....or not...

I've added two gadgets on the right, theoretically, one should work in that if you put your email in it will send you the posts as I create them, while the other will add them to a rss feeder such as Google Reader to make it easier for people if they want to keep up. If the email doesn't work, let me know and for the more technologically challenged, I have room for 8 emails to add to a list to have posts sent to as a last ditch effort to not be asked "How is it?" a million times. Not that I mind ;)

Okay, night all. I still have to...crap I can't remember what I have to do before I can go to sleep...


  1. hahahaha did you finally hit up the bars there (and guys?)?!

    the bear's cute! I name everything Bearta now so I'd be bad with the name LOL

    glad you're having a good time so far (:

  2. haha no I haven't been out to the pubs yet. I just don't want to spend the money till I can get a bank account going. I'm running on the cash I brought with me right now..and probably for the next week too...