Tuesday, September 21, 2010

This is the song that never ends...

It's stuck in your head now isn't it? SUCKER! Ahahaha *cue maniacal laughter*

Sorry, I just had to do it. Did you know that it's not a well known (and hated) song over here? Can anyone else see Lamb Chop and Shari, the two of them bobbing up and down as they sing it?

Now it's really stuck in your head isn't it? Good. My work here is done.

What's that? You still want an update? Well, since you asked so nicely. ;)

I spent most of yesterday afternoon in the City Centre just walking around. For three hours. It was wonderful. I had my headphones playing some old favorites in my ears as I wandered aimlessly. Yes, they are loud and a bit in your face but they suited my mood perfectly. I do like softer, more slow songs too, it just depends on my mood. The loud ones are for when I'm blocking things out or avoiding something and the softer ones are for when I feel calm or want to sing. Yes, I sing and yes, not well. lol

Back to the city. How about some pictures? They were taken with the camera on my phone, so they aren't great quality, but they're not horrible either and they'll give you a better idea of what I've found along the way. I stepped off the bus and turned to walk towards Grafton Street and saw this:

And might I just say, it was not the first time I had seen people in such dress. I believe it's actually the third. The second time, was an middle-aged woman in a beautiful cornflower blue dress walking with a gentleman in a full tuxedo. With duck tales, a cane and a top hat. Made my day, it did! :D

This is the bridge that most people would use when crossing the Liffey to get to the other side. I don't know what the red and green things are, but they amused me and I thought you might want to see something less random...or not less random I guess...
There's a bunch of little shops in the bottom of this building. There's a liquor store, or off-license as they call it here, a cigar/smoke shop and a costume shop I think. And a woman playing a harp on the corner. No, really, a harp. See.

There are always street performers around. I meant to get a picture of the guy who stands in front of Stephen's Green and lays on a bed of broken glass, but I didn't get back there as I planned yesterday. However, fear not, it is coming, and I hope to know his name by then too. Besides the woman playing harp, you're (or I'm) also quite likely to find random musicians on the street such as this man playing the electric guitar.

The street performers amuse me, can you tell? I don't know why, but they do.

There's a bunch of shops of all sizes on both Grafton Street and O'Connell Street and the streets off to the sides and in between. You've got your designers like Chanel, you've got your more main stream stores like H&M and you've got your little shops like the Harlequin which are most likely run by one or two people.

So we all know I'm not some skinny-mini, right? Well, I'm having a problem finding cloths and such that fit me. I haven't given up hope, but its a bit hard. I have found some stores that might carry a few pieces that fit me. For example, I found Monsoon. They have two truly beautiful coats that I might just have to go back and actually try on. They aren't cheap, or even close to my budget, but I might be able to find a reason to justify the expense. I did forget my rain coat after all ;)

This first coat is a beautiful deep emeraldy green. Move your mouse to the picture on the right for a better idea of what it looks like. Or see below:
Again for details: 

Isn't it beautiful? It's velvet, so I don't know how practical it would be...This second one on the other hand might be much more useful:

Again, for details: 

I've also found some interesting shoes, in some shopping centres. Yes shoes. Wipe that look off your face or go away. I'm a girl, I like shoes! So there :P

These adorable flats have purple roses and skulls on them, just in case you couldn't see them :)

Below are some gorgeous Doc Martens.
Truly exquisite.
Some heels for the girly girls.

And some sneakers for the more practical girly girl.
More purple roses :)
Okay guys, that's all for now. After three hours of walking, my feet hurt still hurt, but I saw some cool things. I'll try to take more pictures and I hope one of these days to really just be a tourist and just wander taking pictures rather than trying to find stuff on my list of things to get. Yesterday it was a stapler, highlighter and a few *ahem* other things. I found a stapler, but that's it. Low and behold the stapler had no staples in it. I am now the proud owner of a staple-less stapler.

PS. Did you know 'girly' is not a real word? I can't imagine why...

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