Tuesday, September 7, 2010


So yesterday, amid rain that probably followed me from home, I (and several thousand others) landed in Dublin. I have since made it to my accommodations or housing here and unpacked. I've even started to settle in a bit. I just wish getting to this point hadn't taken so long.

Upon arrival yesterday, I and another girl from Rutgers who came to Dublin to study, trekked through the rain with our luggage to find our student ID cards, our housing assignments and how to print things. Not in that order of course. I believe it went more like this: housing, print, id, print, housing before we managed to find where we needed to be. When we finally managed to find our accommodations, we then had to stand in line to get our key. Not that unlike what we'd have to do at home...only the line wouldn't be anywhere near as long and we wouldn't have had to stand in it for almost 3 hours...in the rain... Although from what I understand that was unusual even for them. When I was able to open my luggage to unpack, some of my things were soaked, and are currently hanging around my room trying to dry. I found something that makes Rutgers look simple and people oriented...imagine that...I only had to go to Dublin to do so. Lol.

Okay, enough bitching, you want to know what Ireland is like, right? Well yesterday was damp and rainy. This morning, for it is morning here, I am sitting at my cluttered desk in my single, yes I said single, room with the bed a foot or so behind me and the sun heating up my right side. There are dark ominous clouds outide, but I have no idea what that means. The cabbie yesterday told us to ignore the forcast, that it isn't always accurate. Surprising, isn't it?

The people seem mostly friendly, but I'm not sure if they all mean it. I guess in this I'll always be a Jersey Girl, expecting "Have a nice day" to mean well, Have a Nice Day:

My room? The bed is hard, the door won't stay open on its own, the walls look bare, and the lamp is missing a light bulb. However, the bed can get a mattress pad and the blanket is toasty warm, I'm propping the door open with a suite case and have intentions of buying a door stop, maintenance said the light bulbs are on their way they just haven't come in yet, and i'm going out for push pins and tape today. I have a few pictures and cards and such to hang on the wall and can't wait to get them up. I have a list of things to pick up...like shampoo, body wash, hangers, a warmer hoodie or sweat shirt and such.

Two of my apartment mates are here. One of their friends is also living with us, and as of right now, we don't know who the fifth person it. There are two bathrooms for us...less people than home yet more bathrooms...even toss up in my mind.

That's all for now. Time to try to make some sense of the chaos in my room...and it's raining...something new for a change lol. The suns is out so it should stop soon right?


  1. Sounds awesome! :D Does each person get their own room in the apartment?

  2. ommmmgg!! caroline!!! this is beautiful and i looooved reading your posts!!!
    i cannot believe any of this is actually happening!!! can you believe it?!?!
    less than a year ago, we didnt even know each other ...and then less than 6 months ago, we were just wondering if all this was gonna happen. ...and now, in the blink of an eye, its all happened!!!
    i cant describe the craziness of everything i feel right now, but this is just amazing. and the background of your blog is beautiful. its absolutely beautiful and i hope you find ireland to be everything you expected and more. i love you so much and i miss you. lets videochat soon! =D

  3. @mani: yup each person gets their own room. and there's TWO bathrooms for the five of us. kinda crazy compared to home don't ya think?

    @annie: haha yes i so knew it was you. who else would use your email to leave a comment lol. its amazing how someone can change in a year and what one can gain or lose in such a short time. you remember when i decided to do this right? i left friday with no clue or anything about it and came back on sunday saying i had applied. it happened overnight. literally. lol

    ps. i'm 8 hours ahead but you know i'll find time to video chat with you :)

  4. AHHH I FEEL LIKE I'M THERE!! :) :) I'm gonna live vicariously through your study abroad experience for a while.... Definitely lol'd at dublin making RU feel more people oriented...didn't imagine that to be possible